Prada "Jezmic Dressed in Black"

Prada "Jezmic Dressed in Black" came to us to join our showing team. She is a petite girl with a lot of drive and is a real asset to our group. When we exposed her to stock work, we were very pleasantly surprised that this gentle loving girl transformed into a driven eager worker. She is almost a contradiction in terms of personality, you would never guess at her zest for working when she is out and about socially, at shows or just hanging on the couch; and then when you ask her to work she switches 'on' and is a very capable girl - our true regret is not having enough stock to give her scope for her skills.

She is but a young lass and we hope to enjoy her happy nature in the show ring with the crew, for years to come.

Prada has been gentically tested for CEA, NCL and TNS and is clear of all these diseases. Her hip score is 1:2 and her elbow score is 0:0.