Willow "Langtry Rhapsody in Blue"

"Langtry Rhapsody in Blue" is known as Willow at our house. Willow comes to us from Susan Morris and we are very grateful that she has entrusted us with this special girl.

Willow came to us at approximately 18 months of age so Susan had done all the hard work teaching her how to be a show dog. Willow breathes fresh life into the show ring - she is a natural show off and prances happily whilst people admire her. Willow is a fizzy girl - she jumps and twirls with excitement to see you and is as gentle and as deft as a cat. We think that she may enjoy some agilty in the future.

Willow is a blue - so she is a lovely steel gray rather than the true black and white, which we think just makes her even more glamorous!

Willow is part of our show team and we hope, the foundation and style of border collies we hope to breed in the future. She is a very elegant girl with lovely angulation and we are very pleased to have her here with us. 

Willow will from time to time have puppies, but these are likely to be 'secret litters' and kept from the world until we have chosen the pups who will stay with us.

Willow has been genetically tested and is clear of TNS, CL and CEA. Her hip score is 3:7 and her elbow score is 0:0.