Lachie (Glentarella Dashing Knight)

Glentarella Dashing Knight (Lachie) is everything a border collie shoud be. He works sheep, he plays beautifully with other dogs, he is completely bomb proof out and about and a true delight with our children.

He is a Wally & Prada pup and has Wally's beautiful flowing movement - but he gets his smarts from his mum! Prada is one of our retired girls and lives on as one of our best working dogs!

He is part of our show team and had some nice wins to his credit, including some groups.

He is the epitome of the quiet companion and is always by my side when we are together.

He has been gentically tested and is free of CEA, CL & TNS. He has been hip scored 4:2 and elbow scored 0:0.